Welcome to our community!

By Core33_34 aOwner - Posted Sep 24, 17


We our excited to announce the official opening of the Undisclosed Gaming community website! Our website has been designed in a way to be both, user friendly and astectily pleasing. If for whatever reason you run into any issues on our website please submit a support ticket. Our staff will be quick to respond and happy to help! Please feel free to join our discord and start talking on our forums!

Please also note that as our site is public, our server is not. We ask that your respect the wishes of the server and it's staff in this matter and that you do not attempt to enter our server untill it is ready for the public's eye!

One last thing! If you are interested we currently have a huge (i mean huge!) sale going on in our shop. You can purchease In-Game and Out-of-Game items. We have plenty of options avalbile. If you are interested use the discount code "WEBOFF" for a 40% discount on all items store wide!

Thank you!

~ The UG team

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